Grouping conditions in an "Only When"

Hey folks. I need a bit of help. I need to store a value in a field where there are two variables that will decide the value to store. I have a slider (0-5) for one variable, and a static field in the DB called “weighting” that gives that slider a weight.

The mapping looks like this:


And here’s what I’m using to set the value (in a field called “RiskContribution”:

…but it doesn’t seem to work very well. I think it’s because I’ve got a bunch or and/ors in there with no groupings. I tried putting things in parentheses, but no luck.

Can anybody help?

Oh what I’d do for a VLOOKUP command…

Hi there, @steve18… I don’t know if this idea is the best way to go about it, but I created your example using an option set, and it seems to work as intended.

The option set looks like this…

Risk 300’s attributes look like this…

and the Only when condition in the workflow looks like this…


Anyway, someone might come along with a much better idea, but I didn’t think it could hurt to throw this one out there, even if it’s only useful as food for thought.

Hope this helps.


Edit: I should have mentioned that, although you can’t use parentheses in an Only when, I think the condition you constructed should have worked. That being said, I would personally go with something like the option set, if only to make the conditions easier to construct.


As I see… you can use the formula below:

RiskContribution = (400 - ((Slider-1) x 100)) + ((Weight-1) x 100)

The only condition I see is that if Slider = 5, than RiskContribution = 0

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Math to the rescue! Thanks pal!!!

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