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Grouping within a Group: Occurrences of hours within days

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Looking for just a tad bit of help creating a repeating group(s).

Have an object with “Records”. Each record happens as a specific date and time (“Occurrence MASTER” field in the image below). We have also pulled out the specific Day of the Month, Day of the Week, Month, Hour, Year into separate fields.

Looking to create a repeating group that shows occurrences of within each hour of each day. This is the excel file we are trying to automate.

Days on the Y-Axis, and Hours on the X-Axis. On Sunday the 18th, there were 146 records created between 10am and 11am.

Current we have 1 repeating group with the days.

This is working well, however, I am not sure what to do from that point. Was thinking about adding another repeating group grouped by hours inside the day, but I can’t get the logic correct, and I am not looking for a janky work-around for the next step.

Any and all guidance would be welcome and I will send a $5 Starbucks gift card to the person who provides the best advice as a way of saying “thank you, you are awesome” if they wish to PM me their address.


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