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Happy Campus Dating- More responsive Login page

it seems alright with POP UP element.

However, to be move active log in page. is this ok /working POP UP to POP UP to POP UP save all DATA.

Anybody has done before responsive survey style login join page

Let me know…

Hello :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app in the editor mode? To clarify, are you asking if it’s okay to use a popup, open another popup, open a third popup and save the data within each popup? This should work, however - it’s probably easier to use one popup and then show/hide different content using groups.

right now everything in one pop up.

If the photo save skip, name and gender save, age save . campus location save , it would be better.

right after user exit. just let them receive confirmation email to send me back.

When the User uploads a picture, you want that to save without clicking save? And then have everything else save too before the User clicks save? Then after a User exits and some information still needs to be entered, to send an email which will take them back to the popup to complete what is missing?

Yes, that’s correct.

I think the easiest way to do this is to enable auto-binding. I just completed those steps for the inputs. Autobinding automatically saves the information that a User enters into an input as they enter it, without having to set up workflows. For autobinding to work, you have to set up a Data Privacy Role which gives the User permission to do this. For example, in the Data Privacy tab, I set up this role:

Here we’re saying that when a Current User’s peer_student is This peer_student, then they are allowed to edit that peer_student fields using autobinding. After creating the condition, I checked “Allow auto-binding” and then selected all of the fields which are modified in the Edit Profile popup.

This way, the Save Button can be removed (I didn’t delete it yet incase you’d like to keep it). Just wanted to mention that in your ‘Save’ button workflow, you Made Changes to a Thing (the Current Page User’s peer student). Instead of modifying Current Page User’s peer student, this should be “Current User’s peer student” because you don’t want anyone viewing a profile to also be able to edit the profile that they are viewing. Also, when you’re making changes to a thing by Editing a popup with inputs, the values (blue words) you update the fields with should be Input values. Previously it was this:

But to save the value of inputs it will look like this:

For the email, you can set up a workflow which checks to see if any fields within the User are empty, and if yes - to send an email to complete their profile by following a link:

And that should work! :slight_smile: Please feel free to let me know if anything was confusing or if I can clarify anything. I didn’t test the autobinding in your app, but if you log into your app and the peer_student data type is not empty within that account, you should be able to modify the Profile in the popup and have everything saved as you go.