Has anybody successfully uploaded large files to S3 using multipart upload?

So I’ve been trying to solve this for quite a while. Using Pre-signed urls work flawlessly, but I couldn’t work out how to do multipart upload. Docs

Or even if it’s possibly, been trying out several things, but when a code worked it almost always gave me the “Plugin action inputs too large, should be less than 6 MB”

I was looking at this as well: https://github.com/anacronw/multer-s3 not sure either this can be implemented or not inside bubble? My last idea would be to build the uploader elsewhere and bring in with an iframe or injector, but don’t want to go through the troubles of the Data API :smiley:

Any idea, help would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

I’m stuck with the same problem for days now. I have been trying an approach which uses the presigned URL from S3 to upload the file, but that doesn’t seem to work. Were you able to figure the solution for this?