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Is there any ad network integration available?

I would like monetize traffic on an app by adding an ad network to the app to render ads. Anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you

You can add the ad code as an HTML element ?

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Yeah that’s how I’d do it.

Has it been done before?

Yes I think some users used AdSense, though most apps built on Bubble are ad-free (for business, strategy reasons).


Thanks. I am in a low income market that does not get digital for business. While I have traffic, getting folks to pay individually is not feasible. The best way to start getting some income is ads against the traffic.

This question might sound uninformed since I am just now experiencing bubble. Do we ad adsense code to our apps the same way we do anything else by inserting a script in the HTML?

Yes, In an HTML element.

I get a 404 error for some reason when I integrate AdSense. Has it been successfully done yet?