How to get a popup to load just once?


I’m trying to build a page where a popup will load immediately when a user arrives on a page.
Once the user has picked ‘i agree’ on the popup, the user will be navigated to the page without the popup.

Currently, I have set it up so once the page is loaded, the popup appears. However, this means everytime I close the popup, the page loads and the popup appears again. How can I get around this so the popup loads only once (upon first-visit).

Any help appreciated!


add a true/false field to the user data type (terms_agreed), and set default to false for new users. In your workflow, when user clicks button I agree, update their terms_agreed to true.

Add a condition to your page load event: when page is loaded and current user’s terms_agreed=“no”–>show popup. That should do it.

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So, I think I set this up correctly but after pressing the ‘I agree button’, the user is not redirected back to the page.
Not sure what is wrong.

Are you trying to navigate them back to the page they’re already on? Why not just hide the popup?

Also, it says you have 2 errors, what are they?

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