Zapier and API Question

Hey Guys,

So i ran into an area where i dont have much knowledge on. What im trying to accomplish is have a daily email report sent to a user with all the entries of a form for the day before. I was able to setup a zap that goes off every day at 6am. My original plan was to have that trigger an API workflow in bubble to then send a sendgrid email with a CSV attached that had the entries. However i dont see or cant come up with a way to have bubble search for the entries and then create a CSV file from that result.

So my next plan was to use a GET request from zapier instead and have zapier make the CSV. I cant seem to find out how to make this work. like how do i sent the data i want within a specific search range? any help on this would be great. i tried looking through the forums but couldnt find much help. thank you all in advance!

This is all explained in the Get Data API doc. You can also use an API workflow that will return API response. (Section: Getting a list of things and search, limit 100 items, but can use pagination) (Return data From API, limit 50 items)
You can also create the CSV in Bubble, store it in a bubble app, and return the url to Zapier to send the email or use another third party email sender to be able to attach file. CSV file is lmited too.

thank you for the reply. i will mess around with it to see if i can figure it out.

How can i do CSV’s on bubble? i was never able to figure this out? do i need to be on a higher plan? currently im on personal plan.

Thanks for all your help

Personnal plan is enough to csv export. But I think that you can only use it in workflow (or backend) and download it. I’m not sure if you can save it and send it in email.
So I think that you need to create the csv outside of bubble

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