Having issues: Data from a form a user fills out isnt populate in a repeating group


I am trying to build a board somewhat similar to Levon’s Trello board below :

I am having trouble having data from a form a user fills out to populate in a repeating group (a board similar to Levon’s in the above link). The data is being stored in the database but is not being displayed. I believe there may be a problem in my work flow (Picture 1).

  1. User clicks this to get the pop up
  2. User fills in info, then clicks create.

The information is stored in the database, however, it is not being displayed in the repeating group (the board). Below is my web flow:

  1. Press the “Create Plank” + sign in picture 1

  2. Press the “Create” button in the pop up (# 2 in the first picture)

I feel as if I may be missing a workflow in number 2. Can anyone assist?

Much appreciated!!

hey josh,
we now have this functionality as a simple block at $35 - https://zeroqode.com/block/drag-n-drop-kanban-block-1555128567456x265817365972779000
it might save you a lot of time and efforts

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Thanks Levon! Ill take a look.

Appreciate it.

Levon, I downloaded the block but now the preview is not working due to needing access to the API and the scheduler. I will need to upgrade from the free account, which I have no problems doing.

I was wondering if I can upgrade to the personal account to achieve this?


@levon (sorry didnt tag in above post)

oh the API and the scheduler are not really required for the block to work. We have implemented it so that the demo content is not messed up when the users are playing with the block.
You can simply remove all the functionality that is linked to the API workflows.
Hope this helps