Having trouble displaying data in a repeating group

I am trying to display data in a repeating group each time a user creates a new chicken.

Currently, I see the outline of the boxes for each input but none of the data is showing inside. My current strategy is to use the “Do a Search For” function to retrieve chicken data by the created date, however this is still not displaying anything.

I have added some screenshots below for reference.

![Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.26.24 AM|657x500]

What are you displaying in the inputs? (assuming those are inputs…)

Parent groups chickens name, tag number, cage etc.

I think the disconnect is my relationship with the parent group but I am not sure how to fix it. It seems a new card is made each time there is a new chicken added but the information is not displaying.

I can’t interpret your images 100%, but I think the group “Analytics Card3” needs the data source “Current cells chicken”.

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Where is the Group Analytics Card 3 (inside the RG cell? - in which case what are you searching for as it’s datasource, and why not just referring to the current cell’s Chicken?)…

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I changed it but still no data displaying.

This is my base repeating group settings. I am assuming something must be wrong here.

And what are the settings on the inputs?

Do the groups in the white group each have “Parents groups Chicken”?

This is what it looks like.

Which inputs?

Which inputs?

In your very first post you mentioned inputs…

Currently, I see the outline of the boxes for each input but none of the data is showing inside.

maybe you meant text elements…

In any case, it’s impossible to say what’s going on here just from screenshots…

It could be privacy rules issues, it could be a broken datasource somewhere, or something else…

Feel free to share a read only link to your editor (either in here or pm) if you want me or someone else to take a closer look to see if its’ anything obvious.

And the text element is grouped separately again, isn’t it? Does this group also have “Parents group Chicken”?

For clarification:
Rrepeating Group → Chicke Card → Group(?) → Text element

Otherwise only Privacy

It is also for set to the parent group. How do I make a link to share the app?

Just copy and paste the URL from your editor into here (be sure to set your app editor access permission to ‘Everyone Can View’ to allow access and ensure nobody can edit your app other than you).

Thank you here is the link:

I see my data now showing for .01 seconds then disappearing. I also posted a link below.

It looks as if the issue is simply that your text boxes are set to ‘fixed height’, and the height you’ve given them is just too small to display the text you’ve got inside…

So either make them taller (or remove the fixed height) or make the text font size smaller so if can fit inside the text box.

Wow this was so simple. Thank you. How do I reduce the size if it is not fixed height?