Hello, What do you use to record Gifs for demonstrations?

I see many people here like @levon @luke2 @fayewatson use gifs when answering, posting or replying.

I have mac osx.

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I’m using Windows 10, with ‘ScreenToGif’ and find it works really well in capturing, plus editor options to re-size, trim and some effects.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available on Mac.

I’ve heard Recordit is pretty solid and light to use, though I’ve not personally used it.

Maybe someone can recommend a solid Mac OSX alternative.

Thank you.
I found this searching for alternatives to screentogif
but its not ideal because i cant record in fullscreen mode.

This might be handy to shuffle through to find a Mac version:

Thats exactly the site i used.

@anon65040322 I’m on a mac as well and use an app called “SnagIt” (it’s a one-time payment of $49.95). It has nearly every screenshot option you could think of (capture a region, capture the tab, capture fullscreen, capture full page, etc.). To record GIFs, you can select a region (or set to full screen) and record it as a video. Once it’s saved, there’s an option called “Video to GIF” in the app. I also use their screenshot drawing tools. It saves a ton of time! :slight_smile:

(For regular screenshots in the forum, I use the standard mac screenshot option: CMD + CTRL + SHIFT + 4. This lets you capture a region and saves the screenshot to your clipboard. Then you can just hit “CTRL + V” to paste it directly in a forum reply - without needing to save/upload any screenshots from a folder).

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I’m using the free version of Gyazo https://gyazo.com available on Mac+Windows – click and drag a shape on your screen by selecting their PNG or GIF app launcher, immediately after that a PNG or GIF is uploaded to your Gyazo account in the cloud for use anywhere, as well as opened up in a new tab to save locally or share online. GIFs can be downloaded as MP4s but are limited to 7s on the free version, that’s the main con.

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