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Help! : All data duplicated!

When I copied all the data from Dev -> Live or Live -> Dev (I do not which happened, since I copy from one to another in different directions), all the data was copied and duplicated (not updated).

Therefore I have two data for all the contents of database. It is hard to revise. How to fix this?

When you copy data from one version to another it erase everything, so can you confirm its duplicated? Where do you see the duplication?

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I see two data at everywhere such as: “App Data” tab, and Repating Group on the site.

I did copy data many times, and this happened only once.

And if you do it again?

It seems no problem again (though I did only once).

But the problems are:

  • I need to know how to clean up duplicated data which have been already happened - the data are quite huge, it is almost impossible to delete one by one, and I do not know which to delete (those data are related with other data each other, deleting would cause problem in the relations)
  • How to avoid this problem in the future. Currently, the site has just launched and the number of users are limited, but if this happens in the future, the impact will be significant (user data are also dupulicated). Therefore, I would like to avoid this risk.

Again, when you copy from dev to live it replaces data, so doubles there shouldn’t happen.

emmanuel, I know that this should not happen, but actually it has happened… That is why I raise this issue.