Help creating a Daily Digest email with dynamic lists

If you’ve ever received an automatic email from the Bubble Forum Summary, you’ll know what I’m trying to accomplish.

Generating personalized content for automatic daily emails seems quite tough. What I’d like is to populate an email with the first few “new” posts from yesterday, shoutout to users who have engaged with the app the most yesterday, etc.

How would you guys go about it?

Ok, it seems the way to generate a list with line breaks is to use “join with” and have either ‘line_break’ in there or a couple of line breaks saved in App Text (?).

Ideally, I’d love the structure of these lines to look like this:

Thing’s creators name
Thing’s title

Is this possible? Is there some way to iterate through each item in a list and add some text to each item (like a unique URL to the thing, for example) directly in the “Send Email” wf?

Hmmm, is there a way to chain multiple “Join with”

Join with line_break
Join with Item’s title
Join with line_break
Join with URL

hi @alejandrowunderlich , I have the same issue as you . Did you find any answer to that ?

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Hey, the best I could come up with was to send Sendgrid item by item

item#1, item#2, item#3, etc… I have a variable PER item on my system like so:

(*nombre = name)

It’s a pain, wish there was a more solid, automated solution

Hey @alejandrowunderlich, it’s not possible for me because the number of items is every time different and could go to 100 so very painful .

I have found this post which can help you, even if it is painful too Formatting a list in SendGrid

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