How to create email digest that includes list or repeating group of variable length?

I want to create a weekly email digest that includes a list or repeating group of variable length.

I’ve seen a number of related posts (listed below) but nothing definitive. Anyone know if this is possible yet?


Hi .

Here’s a list of upcoming events:

  1. Event Date: Event Title
  2. Event Date: Event Title
  3. Event Date: Event Title

The main challenges: 1) there is a variable # of upcoming events. 2) This is not a simple list of field values; Event Date and Event Title are 2 fields in the database.

The closest related forum posts I found are:

Any ideas? Definitely, open to a plugin solution if one exists.

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When you say ‘a list or repeating group’…

Do you mean you need to display the data in a table in email with gridlines etc that the email recipient can see?

Or do you mean just the items that appear in a repeating group, but not visually displayed in a grid? (eg just a list without gridlines?)


Don’t need gridlines. I’m looking to create a newsletter personalized for each user containing a list of featured events. Want to avoid recreating the wheel. Totally open to other tools you’d recommend as well.

So, you have 3 parts to your question.

How to create an email that:

  1. includes a list or repeating group of variable length
  2. combines 2 fields in the db per line of the list
  3. personalizes this for each user.

Let’s leave 3 out of it for the moment, b/c that’s too hard to answer right now.

For 1 & 2:

There are several ways to do this, but in my experience the easiest/error-proof is to create a new field in your db that has the ‘line’ as you’d like it to appear in the email. In your case, create a field that combines the Event Date and Event Title to read Event Date: Title . Make sure to put the colon and space in your new field - that way you can call the field in your email and it will look just how you want it to with no further adjusmtents.

Then, when it’s time to create your email, do:

"Here’s a list of upcoming events:

Search Event’s [New field] joined with line_break ."

That will list your events in the way you want. You can put whatever search constraints on the search to get the listings you need.

I would start here. Once you’re ready you can look into the 3rd part of your question, ‘personalize an email for each user’. For this it sounds like you need to run an API workflow on a list. It’s tricky but Nigel has written elsewhere on it and provided demo examples and you can learn how to do that once you do the above.

Good luck!

Thanks. That worked perfectly!
I added one twist in that to avoid creating a new concatenated field, I send the data to blockspring and concatenate it on the fly which for us, cuts down on the processing needed to generate a list syntax.

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