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Want to Implement Free Trial

Hello, I want to implement a Free Trial Version for the App i am building. I am not sure how to build it where in After certain number of days i want the user to be disabled i.e he should be unable to login.

I wouldn’t make the user unable to log in, i would let him login and the disable what he can do. If he can’t log in, he can’t pay you…


Yep. True…How can i make the whole app of mine read only.

Some elements, such as text fields, are read only by default… Anything that can handle user interaction has a “this input is disabled” or “this element isn’t clickable” check box. Just check that and none of the users can interact with it.

As you build the app you’ll figure it out, but I’d suggest going to the Documentation section of the website and watching all the tutorials there.