Help for endpoint. It cannot received the data and show the error


Please help for this problem. I created an endpoint for received the Stripe’s payment result. Now, when Stripe send the data to Bubble’s endpoint, it will show error. Also, I use postman to try it, still received the error feedback.

Thank you!

Did you check your app log? An error may be available.
Sometimes, this is caused by a step in your API workflow. You can try to remove all step and just test the Data sending. If there’s no error, you need to search which step in your workflow is causing this.

Hi Jici,

Thank you for your help! But the situation is that when I detect the data, nothing happened. Because I cannot post the data to the endpoint. Please look at the error in the screen shot.

Are you using inititialize endpoint url and waiting to detect?
Also, did you validate your json? (look correct at first sight).

If you can share your url, maybe we can find the issue.

But the 500 error is strange. If you are sure of your url and settings, you should send a support ticket.

Can you share the payload you need to use?

You can try this one:
“created”: 111,
“livemode”: false

I tested and have the same issue. I tried also the direct url to be sure and the same error happen. I think you should: Create a new endpoint (just to be sure, use and endpoint name smaller and simple.) retry to send data to this endpoint. b) Try to deactivate and reactivate API Workflow.

If this is not working, I think you will need to send a support ticket.

Hi Jici,

Thank you for your time! I’ll contact the Bubble’s developer to see what should I do.
I’ll give you feedback when I solve it.


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