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Help me build this multi-million dollar dog tag with Bubble?

Hello Bubblers!

I have recently filed patents on a unique invention I created for a NFC dog tag. You can learn more about it by visiting this page:

The only thing preventing me from selling my dog tags is that I do not have the activation platform needed to bring this all to life. I do, however, have an inventory of NFC dog tags waiting to get on the collars of dogs all around the United States.

Last night, I learned of Bubble for the first time. This morning, I have already created the in-take form dog owners need to fill, in order to activate a dog tag. I also finished wiring up the database and all user data is correctly reporting and stored on the server.

I would like to know how user input can be pulled from the database and presented as a web page using a standardized template. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE TO DO WITH BUBBLE ???

I was wondering if anyone out there in Bubbleland may like to join me on this? I could use a mentor/expert the most to guide me accordingly.

Regardless, don’t hesitate to tell me what you bring to the table should you be interested in learning more or potentially working together with me on my project.

I look forward to hearing from you!


John Tengstrom

Hey John I have recently built an app for dog lovers and would be interested in getting some more information about what you are looking at achieving and potentially getting involved.

Regards Chad

Hi Chad,

Thanks for your reply. Would you like to Skype?



Yeah sure when would you like to chat

I’m going out the door to a networking event now. How about tomorrow. Where are you located?

I’m in Melbourne Australia :australia:
Tomorrow would be good.
Currently it’s 8am here

So your two hours behind Korea and Japan. I’ve been speaking with a lot of Australians lately on Amateur Radio. Specifically the digital modes.

So I guess your in Perth? That would mean 07:00 is 20:00 your time. Or this time tomorrow.

What works best for you?

No I’m in Melbourne which is the other side, we are in the AEDT
Where r u located.

New York. Mid Hudson Valley. !00 miles north of NYC on the river.

Sure so we are 16 hours ahead. Your basically talking to someone in the future lol.

Tomorrow around 3.30pm your time would be ok

If you like you can email me
[email protected]

Great. I will put it on my calendar right now. My Skype handle is johnpaavo

Perfect chat tomorrow

Sounds good. 15:30.

Hey mate, I’m just going to be running about 15 minutes late this morning.
Sorry for the delay.

I’ll be with you in about 40 minutes from the moment I send this

No worries.

Hey John!

You could also leave your contacts for other folks interested to reach out to you, or shoot a good ol RFP right here:

There are several other dog taps that work digitally. Not sure where yours differentiates from the competition and how the patent would be of any use to protect your idea.

Good luck anyway, filing an RFP is a good thing to do.