Help! Shopping cart based on AirDevs example

Hi all,

I recently found the AirDev example and copied the database types and structure. I also copied the “popup order” and put it in my header whenever the user clocks on the cart icon.

Here is the thread: Releasing an example of a Shopping Cart built on Bubble

I am trying to use this as part of my header as it is always available on all pages with the cart button inside it of course.

When I go to one of the product pages “single-product” and press Add to cart / Legg til (norwegian) and then click on the cart icon in the header the prices dont update and show price and total price. However, when I clikc the - or the + icon it does what it is supposed to, calculate the prices.

Cant figure out what I am doing wrong to not make the initial add to / legg til cart workflow make the calculation?!? :frowning:

Hope to get some assistance here.
Username: user
Password: 123

Psssst @vlad :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @kris,
Lucky you I’m implementing a shopping cart site loosely base on the AirDevs widget so I was able to follow your workflows.
After about 30minutes of debugging i think i’ve fixed your issue for you.
Take a look and let me know if it’s the desired behaviour.

Below is the change i made. I can’t read norwegian but it works (so who cares :smile: )


Wow, what a guy! Thanks yes it is now working :smiley:

I cant thank you enough, so I suggest that Bubble implements a points system for forum people and they could cash out in real cash once in a while! Top score for you!


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