Help! Want to create this cool App function to transfer products from one place to an other

Hi there! I started to love bubble and i have some ideas i’d love to build, but i am still very new to this… so help is very needed and appriciated a lot!

Scenario (see Image):
We are a second hand clothing shop with two locations. To transfer those clothes from one shop to another is a lot of work (beacuse they use the same inventory System, Airtable & Shopify) so we want to make things smoother and more efficient.

Check out this drawing, i think it gives a quite good idea of what we want to achieve:

This is what i have so far:
:white_check_mark: I have the Airtable Plugin API set up and running
:white_check_mark: I know how to pull data through API and dispay in the places i want
:white_check_mark: i checked out the Barcode Scanning Plugins that are around

This is where we are stuck:
:question: Choose a location (dropdown at the top) to then address this value and therefore add the items to this location…
:question: How to create a list to then update the records that are in this list (is there any list needed?) when the “Add Items to new Location”-Button at the end is clicked?

What we don’t want
:-1: We don’t want to update the records one by one… We rather want to add them first to a “list” and then update all at once. For UI we want to make things go easy and fast (we speak about hundrets of items to Transfer at once)

:loudspeaker: Thanks to all of you for this great forum and bubble team for this great tool!


I don’t know how your Airtable database is structured, but I suggest that items have a location (or a list of location) instead of having a list of items in a location. That assumed, you could do the following.

Display dynamic data from API in a dropdown:

  • set Choices style = Dynamic
  • set Choices source = Get data from API, then select Airtable’s table
  • set Type of choices = data type related to the Airtable’s table
  • Option caption = Current option’s Airtable column you need

Create a list of selected items:

  • Design a RepeatingGroup on the page
  • set Data source = empty
  • set Type of choices = data type related to the Airtable’s table
  • every time you scan an item:
    • search in the Airtable database your item using the action “Airtable - Modify a record” (but actually don’t edit anything yet
    • add the result of this search to the RepeatingGroup: Display a list of Airtable table: RepeatingGroup list of tables :plus item Result of step 1

Edit a list of Airtable items:

  • Using the Bubble’s Airtable plugin as it is: You’ll need to use a BackendWorkflow loop and edit each item 1 by 1 using the action “Airtable - Modify a record”. (you can find how to do create a BackendWorkflow loop in the forum)
  • Or set your custom Airtable API call
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