Plugin Announcement: Airtable Beta 2.0

The Airtable plugin has recently gotten a new look! Due to a closer partnership with Airtable, it’s now easier than ever to add your Airtable data to your Bubble app. Here’s a glance at the plugin’s latest look:

All you need to do to get started is your Airtable account’s API Key, which can be found here:

For additional information and FAQs, take a look at our updated documentation. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to best use Airtable with your Bubble app, here are three (out of many) great ideas to get you started:

Example Use cases

1. Build a powerful CRM in Bubble with workflows to contribute to an Airtable Base

Get all the power of Bubble’s logic workflows to work with your contacts data saved in Airtable. Whether your Airtable contacts base is collaborative or private, this could be a great way to automate outreach, provide a UI for bulk operations, and really take advantage of the complexity offered by no-code platforms today!

2. Extend your Airtable data with a Bubble-built content management system

You may already be using Airtable to manage your company’s content. But now, you can build a Bubble app on top of the data to build a customized UI for interacting with that data. Perhaps you want to build specific content workflows that automatically show authors and reviewers the right next step. Or perhaps you want to pull in different sources of data about your channels to enrich your Airtable data. This integration will help keep your Bubble app and Airtable data in sync.

3. Create an inventory management system with barcode scanning functionality

The Airtable mobile app allows you to scan barcodes with your phone and load them directly into your Barcode fields. You can then use this information in your Bubble application to take inventory, match products to barcodes, place orders, and more!

Note for existing plugin users: These changes should not disrupt your existing Tables and applications. If you have questions or concerns, please file a report here.


Hi, thanks for the update. Some questions…

  1. I saw the update in a new app I created today. Definitely a nicer interface.
  2. How do I upgrade my existing plugins? I’m still seeing the old one in my older apps. I don’t see a way to upgrade the version.
  3. Does this include any bug fixes? I’ve been submitting them at a feverish pace since the first release.

Appreciate the update!

As a follow-on to above, my instance was updated. Performance is HUGELY improved over the previous version. Also getting updates on a lot of my bugs that they’ve been fixed. Very happy right now.

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Hi there,

What is the function of “use as data” checkbox?

  • What happens at true ?
  • what happens at false ?

Use as Data simply means “read only”.
Create and Modify means “you can edit”.
Delete means “you can delete”.

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Thnks for this clarification @ALB

Hi. I would like to know the possibility to transform the field type of Airtable in the geographic address type instead of text.
Bubble isn’t recognizing the property as a geographic address field to display on markers on the map. Someone can help me with this?

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.55.31

When will we be able to add an attachment instead of just replace an attachment? The add attachment action doesn’t work properly. It will attach a file to an Airtable record, but it will delete any existing attachments. This should “ADD an attachment” to AT, not just replace any existing attachments.