Help with API on a list


Looking for some help with an issue I am facing:

In the RG above, the first two columns have data coming in from a database and the third column is an input column wherein the user inputs the values.

Once that’s done and the Submt is clicked, I am looking to create new things in database using Schedule API Workflow on a LIst.

This is the workflow I am attempting:

For the key Quantity, I am looking to get the values inputted in Column 3 but cant find reference to that input element.

How can I solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance


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Can you send a screenshot of the property editor of your dummy backend workflow?

I can’t say for sure but something tells me your quantity parameter has the wrong datatype associated with it.

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Hi Paul

Are you referring to this?

Yes I was. You have it right. Can you also send a screenshot of when you click the red “click” in the quantity field in your first screenshot?

Also, can you send a screenshot of your BoM data type please?

@deepak1 why use api, make it simple with auto bound, letting the user auto bound the 3rd column value on the database.

or is there a specific reason to user API workflow.

His action in the api workflow is to create a new thing, not make changes. Autobound only makes changes.

Please find the screenshots attached

I prepared a page for you. Can you check this please?

@tunacardak thanks for that. But, unless I’m looking at it wrong, isn’t this making changes to an existing thing. I am looking to create new things. Also, what is the name of the plugin that you have used in the page.

You can find installed plugins here.

Here is the link

Making changes or creating another object is not important here. The point is the triggering event that you can do anything for every item for the rg.

I changed the make changes part to the “create a new” function. You can do anything you want under this workflow.

@deepak1 you’re trying to iterate over a value from an input in a repeating group, which Bubble doesn’t allow by default, there are complex and hacky ways to achieve this with external apps but I don’t think it’s worthwhile. You can only iterate over the original values in the rg, or as was suggested above, edit those vales. Rg inputs are more or less visual only unless they are used to edit lines.

My suggestion instead, would be to run a workflow to create a new thing each time the input’s value is changed, since this will be able to reference the data from its rg line. Then the submit button just marks those lines as “submitted”.

Run a recursive workflow once/day to remove any unsubmitted lines so it doesn’t get too messy.

Hope that helps!

@tunacardak Thanks a lot for that. This should help me out.

@ed19 Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

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