Help with data management between tables


Good morning, could you help me with the following, I have that table where there are several components. I have that inp where I show the names that exist within the table in my database and in the Days column there is an entry where days are added when clicking on a button, a sample already calculated with the following result:

My doubt is in the following. I have those checkboxes and I would like that when marking each line it would show those that are marked in a table in a similar way to what is done individually. Thanks for the help

If I understand the problem correctly, all you need to do is add a workflow to the checkbox that adds the checked item to a custom state list and the other table will just shows this custom state list as its source. See demo below:


When checkbox is checked, it adds the current cell’s item to a custom state list:

It does the opposite (removes when unchecked).

Then, the repeating group at the right has the data source of this custom state:

Here is the example if you want to check details: Tests for Forum 10 | Bubble Editor

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That works to bring the information of the user that is in the selected line, but what I need is for it to also save and send what the inputs have, since it uses that information to make a calculation with other data from the users table.

Thanks for the response

In that image you can see the problem I have a little more, what was added in the inputs I don’t know how to transfer it to the final result, and it passes as a 0

Is that an input element (the one that says 2 or 6 in it)? That the user enters some number by hand?

Yes, I found a way to do it but it has an error, for example, I am saving the inputs in a custom list, the problem is that if there is a repeated data, for example, in the inputs of both lines there is a 3 , just save one