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Help With Database for School Marks App

Hi, I’m new to Bubble. Its fantastic, but struggling a bit with the database side of things. I hoping one of you lovely people may be able to help me, or point me in the direction of relevant resources.

I’m creating a basic marks app for a school.

The teacher needs to be able to input marks for each student, for different subjects, for different weeks. Here is how it looks so far. Basically the teacher selects the week and then clicks the arrows to assign marks.

What I can’t figure out is how to structure the data. I want each week’s mark to have an individual entry for each subject, so that the teacher can track how a student did in an individual week. So ‘Marta’ might get 2 in Math in week 1, 3 in Math in Week 2, etc.

I thought I might be able to store the marks as a list of numbers, e.g. Marta’s ‘Math marks’ might be: 2, 3, 1 etc. When I do that I can display marks entered into the data tab, but I can find a way to edit existing data (or example if Marta does something great in science and the teacher wants to give her an extra mark, on top of two marks she received earlier that same week). I can add new marks, but not edit a specific #item that is determined by the week dropdown.

I’m sure there must be a alternative way to do this, but I can’t figure it out.

Can anyone help me structure this data? It would be much appreciated.


It’s not clear how you’ve currently got your database set up, and there are probably more than a few ways to go about this, but from what you’ve described it sounds like you’ll need to have a separate datatype for ‘marks’ (if you haven’t already).

This datatype would have fields for ‘Student’, ‘Subject’, ‘Week or Date’, ‘Teacher/User’, ‘Mark’, and any other relevant fields.

That way you can have different variables for every data point (such as Student A, Week 3, Maths, Mark 2 etc.)

You would the probably want to store those ‘Marks’ in the student’s record in a list so you can access a particular student’s marks directly from their record.

Then you can display or edit them as required.

Hi @BarryBlock

Please check this, I structured the database in a way that you can process the data with options. By targetting Current Student’s grades or doing a search for grades.

If the amount of grades per student is only one a week, I’d recommend targetting the Current Student’s grades instead of an entire database populated with grades.

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Thanks so much to you both. That has been so helpful. I’m making huge strides with getting this right now.

I haven’t had time to fully implement it, but I think I’m on the right track with this guidance. The example is amazingly detailed and useful.

Thanks again