Help with Setting up API calls for Oxford Dictionary

Good day! Is there any way I could find help on how to make sense of Oxford Dictionary API documentation? i Have little knowledge but huge desire to get introduced to programming, but unsure as to where I can find help with this (paid tutoring would be fine too, I just don’t understand what language should the tutor be fluent in).
I don’t understand what type of authentication i should choose, what to put in “Key” And “Value” fields in “Shared headers for all calls”; and in “Key” and “Value” fields in API Call section.

I would be grateful for any help

@filvoronin, in order to get a good grip of API’s in general and the API-connector, check this tutorial from Bubble about it:

After that the API is quite easy to setup:

You can find the right app_id and app_key values after you created an account and logged in to → API credentials → click your app name:

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Gerbert de Langen

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Dear Mr. Delangen, thank you very much for spending time and giving such a helpful answer! I really appreciate it!

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