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Hidden element still being selected in Bubble Application

I have a fixed hidden element that covers the majority of the screen. I recently updated to the new responsive engine, and now this hidden element is highlighted every time i try to click something beyond it (even though it’s hidden!)— making it impossible to select any elements beyond (without tabbing to the element).

Has anyone had this problem? Maybe there’s just a simple setting I am missing…

To give a concise description of the problem— my hidden element (in the Bubble Application) is being selected as if it is not hidden. The parent group layout is fixed, in case that changes anything.

I’m sure you already checked this, but it was the first thing that came to mind. So, apologies if you’ve already done so.

Did you make sure the element isn’t clickable? If you uncheck this box, it should take care of your issue.

Yes, the element is not clickable. This is an issue I am having in the bubble application, not in the deployed version.

Try right clicking on it and choose “send to back” to see if that makes any difference

Is there a solution for this? It is very hard to work with a lot of hidden elements. Send to back does not fix the issue.