Hidden Group vs Popup element load time, which one is better?

Hi everyone, in the process of building my first bubble app and wanted to get some input on the scalability and performance difference between popup and group.

The main element of the app is a hide/show group or alternatively a popup with a video player and rg below. The elements shows up whenever a user clicks on something they would like to watch. The use case is primarily for tablets and mobile.

My question is what would be the best solution (group or popup) in regards to optimization and mobile functionality? Hide/show group seems to load faster but popup seems to be more responsive on mobile and load consistently at top of the viewport?

This element will be the most clicked part of the app so I’m also wondering what would be the more scalable solution from a load-time perspective?

Any thoughts or advice?



In my experience hide/show group does load faster than popups. For the responsive part, yes popup does seem to be ready out of the box with centered in the viewport

Hi there!

There should be no major difference in performance between showing a popup and showing a group. The extra time to open a popup is likely from the fade-in animation automatically applied to showing a popup. The limiting factor here will always be your video and RG loading in. So if a popup works better for your use case otherwise then that’s the right call!

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