Popup rendering issues

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as I am. When grouping elements into a group inside of a popup, when the popup has opened the group then shrinks in size. I have checked all responsive options and everything is perfect. When taking these items out of the group, everything renders fine. Not sure what the issue is and if anyone is having the same.

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Hi @keedanpunch!

I’ve had this happen to me because I was using animations. How are you showing the popup ? using the “Show element” action or “Animate element” ?

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Hi @joao1997domingues!

That was the exact issue. Switched to the simple “Show” action and it renders perfect. Seems like a bizarre issue that shouldn’t really exist.


Happy to help :smiley: please mark as solution and leave a like :smiley:

By the way, there are some animations that do work. :blush:

The ones that work are the ones that don’t change in size when they are loading. :+1:

If the element is smaller and then gets larger, it won’t work. The elements inside the popup get stuck at the smaller size or somewhere in the middle of the animation. :-1:

The ones that are ‘safe’ to use are the ones the slide onto the page. They are already the full size of the element but are just ‘moved’ onto the page. The bounce one works well. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:

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