Hidden picture in repeating group causes blank space

Hi :slight_smile:

I have strange issue that even though I hide the photo when it is empty, the element is still visible on the page, which creates empty spaces.

the option " Collapse this element’s height when hidden" for the group is checked.

Below you can find screenshots how it looks like in editor and live

Can someone help me because I because I think I have tried everything to fix it.

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You’re hiding the image, but not collapsing the space taken up by the image, you can only do that with groups.

Try putting the image element inside a group, hiding the group when the image is empty, and selecting the “collapse this element’s height when hidden” for the group. That should take care of it.

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I see what I was doing wrong - I already had one group done, but for the picture I had to do another. Your comment led me to this, so thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve having the same issue, but I have the image in a group that collapses when empty, still got a whitespace, and I have “collapse when hidden” selected

Bump! Is this seriously not possible on bubble?

may be a bug. it seems most people can fix this issue easily

Estou com o mesmo problema, mas no meu caso a imagem em si é o background de um grupo, devo coloca-la dentro de outro grupo?

Yea try that and see if it works. But as you can see, no one seems to have a viable solution to this💀


bump, like… i can’t update my app until this issue is resolved.

Hey @xtechaus :wave:

I’m not at my computer right now, but I can see what I can do to help. It’s hard to know unless I can see the editor, but I will give it my best shot.

The new responsive engine is a lot better at this. I understand that this might take a lot of work for you to refactor the whole page though. Let’s see if we can fix it without having to upgrade to the new engine.

So, on the old responsive engine, if anything was overlapping, it won’t collapse correctly.

Some troubleshooting ideas.

Delete this element that looks like it is overlapping, then do a test. Does it collapse?

If that is not it, is there anything else that is hidden that is overlapping your group? Even when it is hidden it will cause issues with collapsing in the old engine.

And of course, make sure ‘collapse when hidden’ is checked.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps. :blush:

Thankyou for the reply, the “overlapping” group you point to is the group that is meant to collapsing, it isn’t overlapping with anything, the image is inside that group (sorry if its hard to see)
and yea i’ve tried to switch to the new responsive engine, it just completley fucks my page and I can never seem to get it working, I’ll have to wait till I have much more time to figure it out.
Thanks for the attempted help tho!

The issue is, the group collapses just fine, but it leaves a whitespace in between the next entry.

Usually, when I debug this sort of thing, I would delete one element at a time until it collapses correctly. Then you know which element is causing the issue. I would start with deleting the image first. See if the group collapses after that.

Yea already tried all that unfortunately, it literally collapses perfectly but ends up leaving a space in between each cell, I wonder if it’s even possible ?

Can you show an image of the result?

It is possible. I worked in the old engine for years and could always get things to collapse properly.

Sometimes it was a rogue element causing some empty space. Check your element tree to see if there are any elements that don’t make sense.

It’s just hard to diagnose unless we have editor access to ‘view only’. Otherwise we are just making guesses. :blush:

I’m sure you will be able to figure it out. It just takes some troubleshooting.

Thanks for the help btw.
here is the group without the image - collapse when hidden is turned on.

If there is no image, it collapses just fine, its just the issue inbetween the next entry thats the issue.

Not too sure how to let you view my editor, hopefully this does the trick? Lucid-Dash | Bubble Editor

Ok. I think I understand what is going on. You might need to have everything inside the repeating group be in a group and make sure that collapses when hidden too. That way the inside of the repeating group shrinks. Let me know if that helps.

Otherwise, I can check the editor out later on when I’m at my computer. :+1:

Also, as another troubleshooting tip. I sometimes make the groups to be bright background colors and then when I look at my page I could see which group isn’t collapsing very easily. You can also try the inspect tool to see which element is there too.

Yea everything inside the repeating group is in a group that collapses when hidden, so I don’t think its that unless im missing something.