How to hide whitespace left by hidden images in group?

I dont want any empty spaces caused by a hidden image in group… I want all images/ icons to be equally distanced from each other in a group. How can this be achieved? By CSS , JS or in settings?

Currently my group looks like this:
OOOOO OOOO OOO <-- Some images are hidden due to conditions that have been met

I want
OOOOOOOOOOO <-- No spaces

Hi @nomads32n :slight_smile: You currently can’t collapse an element’s width when it is hidden using conditional statements unfortunately. One possible workaround would be to place the images in a repeating group, and set the constraints of the search to only show the images and icons which meet the criteria for a user to view them (instead of hiding them with a conditional statement)? Do you think this would this work for your app?

Thanks so much, it worked for me! A repeating group within a repeating group :slight_smile:


Awesome! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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