[SOLVED] Hiding element permanently with workflow?

I have a workflow that is trigger on a button press to hide a button. This works fine, until the page is reloaded, then it is visible again. How can I hide it from the user permanently?

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Hey @morgant6911 one way is to store the information on the User within a field. I’m not sure what the best name for this field would be, but it could be something along the lines of:

“Display Button” (Type: yes/no, List: No, Default Value: yes).

This field’s value would change from yes to no in the workflow you’re using to hide the button by ‘Making Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User --> Field to Change: Display Button = no’.

Then in the conditional formatting of that button you could use:
When Current User’s ‘Display Button’ is no --> this element is not visible.

And vice versa:
When Current User’s ‘Display Button’ is yes --> this element is visible.

*Set the button to not be visible on page load and this should work :slight_smile:


Thanks, that really helped. I had to do it in a slightly different way, but that did the job perfectly.

Awesome :slight_smile: No problem!

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Our approach is to HIDE all elements (groups) by default, and use CONDITIONAL to show it. It’s kind of easier and safer.
And we use TOGGLE to on-off all elements.


Me ajudou bastante. Thank you so much!

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