Hide Repeating group and show another Group - Text


I have created a customer form, where the user will select and based on that tools will display. To display the tools I have used the Repeating group.
Front End SS

Back End SS

But when there are no tools to show based on the user selection, another “Text” should display. After answering all the questions this text comes.
I have given the condition to hide the tools.

I am facing an issue with the followings: -

  • If the tools are not shown after attempting a few questions then the text should appear.
  • If the user changes the selection then the text should hide and tools should display if any condition is met.
  • Also, if the slider comes to Value 0 then the condition should reset.

Backend Url - Bridge Gap | Bubble Editor
Front Url - https://bridge-gap.net/version-test/customer-hashtag-monitoring-software


So make something like this: When do a search:count = 0 - hide RG and show Group (where your text is located). Using Conditional tab of both elements (“this element is visible”)

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