Unusual requirement for 'hide element'

Is it possible to hide an element when:

User is logged out
Page width is less than 500

I seem to be able to hide the element for either of these but not for both conditions?

Doesn’t your wish come true when you use such a condition?


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Ah, I should have specified that I need to ‘hide’ the element because even though your solution makes it go away, the element still effects other things on the page.

I am working on a navigation bar and when it’s very narrow, I need the element to go away completely (but only if logged out). I need to use the Add hiding rule in responsive mode, but then I can’t see how to also specify to ignore that hiding rule when user is logged in.

Hiding rules only work based on the container elements width (major drawback and hopefully will be fixed in the future release of the responsive editor)…at the moment only thing you could do is to put the element into a group, set the collapse height when hidden and then add the conditional that @eren provided to the group.

That should work to remove it, however, it may still affect the page as I don’t believe the elements width is completely removed.

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I did try that but it doesn’t hide it’s width. Shame. But thank you for your help, at least I know to stop spending time on this, too many hours gone already!

Yeah…the hiding rule would be great if it had more options for how to set it…the make element visible condition doesn’t cut it since it doesn’t remove width.

Only other idea is to just create a double set of elements (one with and one without the element you ultimately want removed) and then apply the condition for visible or not with the collapse height.

Yes that is a good workaround.