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Hiding Rules Not Triggering 'Is Visible/Is Not Visible' Conditional Recognition

I am using hiding rules on an element and that element is used as part of a conditional expression for when that element is not visible, and this conditional doesn’t seem to be recognizing when the element is hidden.

Is that expected behavior or at least what is the behavior and not a bug? I would think that hiding rules being kicked in will result in conditionals recognizing the element as not visible if it is hidden.

Based on the evidence that conditionally hiding an object is not recognised by the responsive engine (i.e. it is not treated the same as an object hidden via a responsive Hiding Rule) I think it’s possible that the inverse is true too … that object conditions don’t recognise responsive engine Hiding Rules / visibility state resulting from them.

I think that you are right @edwardbutcher

@boston85719 you may have to consider hiding that element “conventionally” (no hiding rules if you want them working in expressions)

I can’t. I need the hiding rules applied to truly remove the elements from the page, implying it is necessary to remove the width of the elements and not just the heights. I use the hiding rules for responsiveness which is more important in this case than the conditionals.

Will be great if the new responsive engine would make it so a hiding rule is recognized in conditionals.

Thanks @edwardbutcher the input. Makes sense.

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I hear you @boston85719

Hiding rules help with horizontal management of space for sure