[HIRING] Looking for a plugin developer: Json field selector

Hello bubblers,

I’m hiring for a one-time project a plugin developer to create a Json field selector.

What I am trying to achieve:
Given a Json (complex nested Json included), the plugin should display the content of a Json and the keys of the Json should be clickable elements so that actions can be performed with the keys’ content.

A picture is worth a thousand words so here is the expected effect:


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does it have to look like that?

quick check on github and i found this


a json veiwer with events for click etc.

you could render that ‘add as new column’ thing in a regular bubble focus group (it will be attached to the sidebar tho, not the key)


Thank you for your answer Youssef!
I’ll take anything that would make the feature work, for sure!

But If the complexity is not out of this world to make it look “kind of” like the picture in the OP, then I’d be interested in discussing our options here

what do you expect to happen if a user clicks on a key that is an object

Ideally, a group focus would appear with action options => Add as a column, copy to clipboard. For the value of the key

It seems the Vue Json Pretty thing is already very very close to what I’d like to have. Instead of a selector checkbox I’d say a “+” icon next to key/value pairs with a group focus appearing on click will work.

To give a little more context, users will have tables with several rows. Each rows will for example be for company information.
Row 1: Hubspot
Row 2: Airtable
Row 3: Twitter

I’ll fetch data about all of these companies and receive a json for each row. Then the user will have employee count, company description etc viewed in this json viewer, and decide if they’d like to have employee count as unique column. Same thing possible for company description if they’d like