Hiring Senior Bubble Developers: 10'000 USD per month (4-day workweek)

Dear Bubblers

We are HuggyStudio, a Swiss based company supporting companies and individuals building and validating their (business) ideas with No-Code. We do this as a No-Code Agency or through our Academy. For more information, check out our website: huggystudio.com

For ongoing projects we are currently searching for freelancing partners to collaborate for the long-term.

As a freelance partner, you will work closely with our team members and we will benefit from each others’ knowledge and experience.

We are therefore looking for very experienced Bubblers only.

Learn more about what we are looking for on our application form: https://forms.clickup.com/4524023/f/4a1zq-2581/J5JZSHFQZ4YRHWMTJ0
(Please only use this form for applications)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


It’s great to see more and more companies offering 6 figure salaries for bubble developers!


Hi there! I have a team of bubble developers that would love to help you out on your project! Send me an email at dane@hiremango.com and we can get started.

Wow! That sounds like an amazing opportunity for someone @fabian2 . Do you all ever onboard a junior/intermediate developer?


While I am a full stack dev, I’ve been running my own shop helping folks build Bubble apps :rocket:

You can find me at www.tinybuild.studio

@moxieservicesllc thanks for reaching out. currently don’t have such an open position. but maybe in the future, so please sign up here if you are interested: ClickUp forms

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I will do that @fabian2. Thank you! Have a great week!

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