Hosted root files no longer being displayed under domain

I have a number of html files uploaded to my app under html root directory feature.

Now instead of being displayed on my domain under the path I set, when someone visits a url that points to a file hosted on the root, bubble just redirects to the aws url… of the file.

Anyone else seeing this?

What kind of file is it? Does it break your site?

HTML file. I have a number of static html files added to the root of my bubble app for for things like landing pages.

So for example, I have uploaded a file called online-booking.html to the root, then set the path in bubble to

This would then simply serve that html file on my domain if someone visited

However now when someone visits bubble returns a 302 redirect to aws as shown in the below format:

This does break all of my static content html pages which are the primary source of organic seo traffic to my app. Additionally scripts like Intercom and fonts on those pages no longer work, becuase they’re only allowed to run on my app domain.

Version 6 from Bubble states: “File requests now redirect to download directly from amazon, rather than proxying the files.”

That causes the redirect issue.


I would definitely submit a bug report. While what @lantzgould says is true, I don’t think that behavior should apply to web root files - especially since it’s a paid feature which explicitly states…

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I did file a bug report before making this post. @lantzgould (thank you!) was right about it being because of bubble version 6. I downgraded back to version 5 and that resolved the issue. Not sure if it’s intended behavior or not, but I figure the bubble team will be able to answer that on monday.


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