Verifying a domain with an html file

I am creating a Bubble app to manage zoom meetings, and I am using the Zoom api to authorize users. Part of Zoom’s requirements is uploading an html file to a subfolder on the website to validate the domain (

The content of that html file is just one line that is a verification code. No other text or HTML elements.

When I use the “Hosting files in the root directory” option to upload verifyzoom.html and name it as zoomverify/verifyzoom.html, it doesn’t work because it is redirecting the website to AWS to load the file, and Zoom doesn’t like that.

When I create a bubble page and add the content of the html file to the header, Zoom doesn’t like it either because it is adding a ton of HTML elements instead of just having the code as the only line in that file.

I am running out of options. Any suggestions?


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Have you tried this? [New Feature] Uploading files to the root directory

Hope that helps! :blush:

Thanks for the response.

Yes I have, and it hasn’t worked for the reason mentioned above (it redirects to an external URL hosted on AWS)

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