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[New Feature] Uploading files to the root directory


This feature has been asked for a few times in different contexts. We added a way to upload a file and serve it as

This can be useful to prove your ownership of your domain for some services (mobile notifications, etc.). You can also use this feature to generate your own sitemap.xml file. If you want to use this that way, you should uncheck the box that generates the sitemap automatically and upload an xml file.

You can upload the files in the Settings Tab, SEO & Metatags section. Note that this feature, as other SEO tools, is accessible on apps on a Personal plan and above.


Thank You!!!



Great thank you

Thaaanks !!! You made my day :slight_smile:

Thanks Bubble geniuses!

What other possible ways do you see this being used?

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Good question!

@emmanuel could we have some sort of manual on in what ways this may be used? It seems that such feature makes off-line app possible (maybe a silly question, apologies in advance).

Thank you!

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Is there a way to add the file to a subfolder like /folder/test001.txt ?

It let me enter: /folder/test001.txt as file name but

…com/version-test/folder/test001.txt returns a 404 error.

file isOK at //

Thanks in advance…

This isn’t currently supported.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

Can we upload an HTML file here, referencing external JS and CSS (e.g. )

Would the html page be able to link to this external file?

I tested, but it does not seem to work. I see plain text without the css styles.


My problem is that the api address is different ( from the root directory upload (https://mydomain.xzy/filename).

The verification file is asking to be placed at the api address above. I guess then there is no work around for this case.

Can you please enable a workflow --> upload file to root directory so that we upload files using workflows (instead of through the admin panel).

This allows many possibilities.




We just pushed an improvement to this feature that lets you have a file name that contains a path. This will give you more flexibility if you need to host some files in some “folders”. For instance, if you want to use Apple Pay, you could something like


Thanks @emmanuel for enabling this feature making it possible to accept Apple Pay on bubble sites.


When it says ‘version-specific’ , I guess this means I must add the File name and re-upload the file again whenever I upgrade the Bubble version?

No, that means you should deploy to live for the URL not to have ‘version-test’ in it.

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Hey guys - still need this.

  1. Any chance you will push it?

  2. Is there API access to the root folder?


  1. We don’t have a timeline on this, but I’ll put this on the backlog.
  2. Not currently, no (we don’t have an API access to modify the app object.

Any update on workflow or api access to root directory?