Hosting on Bubble

Hello, I have a question. I can host my domain with the app on Bubble. Now what if I wanted to create a page (sales page, opin page, etc) outside of Bubble. Assuming I have my domain connected to Bubble server, how would I add the html files of the page to a directory on the server under my domain name?
Example: http://www.mydomainname/salespage. Thanks in advance…

Someone must have an answer or a suggestion. Lol

It doesn’t work like that on Bubble, there isn’t a place to upload HTML files that will create a different page like that. You’ll need to host it elsewhere, and point to it’s URL.

Just curious: why create stuff outside of Bubble? I think many people are using Bubble for everything.

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Agreed! I love bubble! Best thing that has happened to me in a long while, Lol… And soon we’ll be using Bubble for everything. But we just recently started using Bubble. So not too proficient at moving things in a timely manner. In the middle of another product launch, but our first developing a SAAS with and through Bubble. Have quite a couple Pages that we have to design that would only take us shortly to complete that otherwise would take us at least 5 times longer to complete and produce the same quality inside of bubble. (For example, one important element that is necessary for us to use in our page designs is a modern countdown timer element, which is not readily available in Bubble design… It’s only a temporary thing that we are using the Great pagebuilder that we use…

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