How Can I Add Files To The ROOT Of My Domain On Bubble?

I need to add files to the root of my domain some how.

How can I do this so that they are accessible?

“Only thing you need to do is, you need to put 4 files at the root of your domain (can be extracted from the zip file accessible at the URL below):
You can use the same existing credentials to login to your PushCrew Dashboard.”

@emmanuel or another manager please assist.

We don’t support this.

Can it be sponsored somehow?

Surely a verification tag like this will be asked for in the future… There is no way for me to use a service unless I can access the root some how.

What about a specific file uploader under Settings that allows for this?

A lot of services let you do this with meta tags in the headers, can you try that.

Check with the provider, you might be also able to do any domain verification using a TXT DNS record.

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It’s a JS that needs to be uploaded to root in order to use an extension in a browser… There is no way or tag unfortunately that will allow for this to occur so I was hoping that a file uploader to root would be able to do it.

Can you not copy and paste the js into a script element within an HTML element?

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Yes but how can it be accessible at the root level is the problem…

4 files need to be uploaded to root and accessible at root:

Based on the js filename, i assume you are using PushCrew.

See if this helps. It uses a cdn hosted JS file.

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Any progress on making this feature available? Root file access is critical to our WebApps.

I’d imagine this would be a security nightmare for Bubble. Not saying it’s impossible, since I don’t actually know that for a fact, but surely it would be a bad idea to allow users to upload to the root no matter how strict the permissions are.

That’s something we can talk about on a sponsored basis. Please reach out to support if you’re willing to sponsor it.

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