How can I create repeating events?

Hi bubblers,

I am right not building a web application where users can create one time or repeated events.

When user is logged in and navigates to dashboard, then when he clicks on create a event button. Then there are following inputs he will fill out.

input: Event name
Input: Event date or time

Checkbox => check it if you want to repeat this event.

If user click on checkbox then a another input shows on the popup where the user can input in number ( how many times to repeat this event)

If not checked then no repeatation of that event in database as well as on repeating groups.

So, my question is how can I build this type of functionality where user checks the box, input for filling number ( how many times ) appears, clicks save event button, saves to the database as exact number the user inputted.

For example.

If I create a event with its name and date and then checks the box , a input appears where I type 3 and then hit save.

Then this particular event should be created I. The database 3 times and should be also shown on repeating groups 3 times.

How I can achieve this?

Please let me know about it


Hey :wave: @Davidmoreo

I have a plugin that does this for you! The Time Slot Generator that’s included can make a variety of recurring events and uses this library to accomplish the task. It can also do “busy time” filtering!

It also comes with a small calendar (usually to be paired with a RG to show events , google calendar api access to tie in or sync calendars across platforms.

Make the event In your app and have it also be created in google!

It also comes with new date time pickers that are mobile friendly and of course, a full implementation of FullCalendar with resource and timeline views.

The plugin would allow you do anything from making and displaying simple recurring events to a Calendly clone.

Hi Jared,

Really useful plugin.

But I think this thing can also be done without plugin.

As i have only one use case which I described above of creating and showing recurring events/ lists in repeating group.

Do you have any idea about how I can achieve the above functionality without plugins.

Please let me know

Yes in a few words

A couple free plugins would be helpful

One that create a list of numbers
And one called orchestra

Use An RG

Start date in cell 1
Add 7 days to the previous cells value conditionally if current cell isn’t 1


If you can’t get it put together and would interested in booking a private 1-on-1 session to iron this out, lemme know!

Sorry but I didn’t understood.

Let me try to explain again what I am trying to achieve.

There is a event scheduling application I am building where users can create recurring ( means same event they created but wants it to repeat it every 5 or 2 week. ) Or single event.

Data base structur that I have created.

Data types and fields

User data type : Events ( List of events ), Tags ( list of tags)

Event data type: Event name ( text ), event date ( date ), event tags ( tags ), repeat event weekly ( yes/no) if checked then another input appears how many times,so for that I have
field , times (number).

So when a user logins and go to his dashboard.

There is button where when he clicks, a popups appears and there he fills event name, event date, event tags, and there is also a checkbox where it is written ( do you want to repeat this event weekly ), if he checks the box, then a input appears where he will need to input how many times he wants to repeat this event in number (1,2 or 5).

After all this he clicks on save button. And this data is saved to database and at the same time created on the dashboard of the user so that he can see it.

My question is how can I build functionality where if in case users check the box to repeat the event and then type the any number. Then how to display it on his dashboard exact number of exact events he wanted to repeat on weekly basis.

So after the save button hit, all instances of the event should be created ( either 1or more ) . If it’s repeating event, the app should create the exact number of instances indicated in the " how many times" input. .


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If anyone know about it then also please share your solutions and thoughts

there are templates that do this and plugins that make this possible. It’s honestly not an easy task and requires plugins to do all the magic as far as i know.

for example

The Full Calendar Scheduler Suite Demo Page

@boston85719 may chime in here on this too. he has a dope template that gets this done (maybe errr… probably more than 1 :slight_smile: )

I’m not really clear on what you already have setup…if you can share some screen shots of your current configuration it would be helpful to get more advice on how to proceed with your feature set goals.

For example, I’m not sure if your event has a date already attached to it, or if a user is selecting a date and an event.

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