How can I do this - Redirecting to Pop up which I clicked button after log in

I’ve searched a lot on the forum,
but there’s nothing that perfectly explains what I want, so I post it like this.

Desired Process

  1. Click the New Project button

2-1. Pop up a new project when logged in.

2-2-1. If you are not logged in, raise the login pop-up.
2-2-2. Pop up a new project after logging in (redirect)

I want to know how to do the task 2-2-2
"Redirecting to Pop up which I clicked button after log in "

Please let me troubleshoot

Thank you.

I’m not 100% sure I follow your question, but I think I get the gist of what you’re asking…

You want to know how to show a popup (New Project) after a user has logged in via another popup (login popup)?

In that case, once the user has logged in you can simply hide the login popup and show the ‘new project’ popup using your login workflow actions.

If you mean that you want the user to be redirected to a new page (new project page) after logging in then you can use the navigate to page action after logging them in.

If that page needs to have some specific data sent to it or if the page you’re redirecting them to might be different in different situations, perhaps based on what the user did before being shown the login popup, or what page of your app the were on, can set some custom states on the login popup, then redirect the user to a specific paged based on that, and send any specific data to the new page from the custom state values.

There is a “new project” pop-up that should be opened when the “new project” button is pressed.
If you’re already logged in, you can post the pop-up right away.
But if you’re not logged in, you’re going to make them log in first.
As soon as the login is completed, the “new project” pop-up will appear.
(What makes you log in is a way that shows a login pop-up.)

Sending to a new page is not in the category of my thoughts.

As you said, it is possible to hide the login pop-up after the user logs in.
However, I wonder how ‘new project’ pop-up can be displayed using login workflow tasks.
Because I don’t know if I pressed the ‘new project’ button in the login workflow task.

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I’m still not sure I follow the question completely…


If you know that you’ll always be showing the ‘New Project’ popup after logging a user in via the login popup, just add the show and hide popup actions directly after the login action.

If your question is more about only showing the ‘New Project’ popup after login under certain conditions (such as only when the New Project button was clicked first, rather than when a user just clicks ‘Login’ for example), then using conditional workflows with a simple custom state on the login popup is probably the easiest way.

For example:

Workflow 1 - When ‘New Project’ is clicked and current user is logged in - show New Project Popup

Workflow 2 - When ‘New Project’ is clicked and current user isn’t logged in, show ‘Login’ popup - set custom state on Login Popup (e.g. login mode=new project).

Workflow 3 - When ‘Login’ button is clicked AND popup’s login mode = new project, Log the user in, hide ‘Login’ popup, set state to empty, and show ‘New Project’ popup.

Workflow 4 - When ‘Login’ button is clicked and popup’s login mode is empty, Log the user in, hide Login popup.


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