How can i give special users a verified badge?

i want to able to give verified users a verification badge and i also want to be able to give certan users acces to only specific pageant


You can create a “thing” within the “User” datatype called “verified” and make it a Boolean, Yes/No, and set it to default “No”, then create a way to change that through your site.

On each page you don’t want a none verified person on, do a ‘On Page Load’ and do a condition and make it say ‘current user verified is “no”’ and then make it send them somewhere else.

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Boolean is equivalent to yes/no.

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Any idea on how i might do the check mark for varified?

Here’s how I’m doing that kind of thing.

I use an icon. The element has a custom state isDone.

In the is clicked workflow, toggle the value of isDone with the Boolean expression "This Icon’t isDone is “no”. It evaluates to yes if isDone is no and no if isDone is yes.

Then, to show the checkbox appropriately, user a conditional to set the icon value.


Hopefully this helps.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with guidance on using the Checkbox element. I believe this would allow you to bind the element to the database field, but I’m not sure.

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