How can I keep timer going when phone goes to sleep

I am new to bubble and don’t have a deep expertise as a developer. I have on webpage a timer that I want to keep running on a popup window. Unfortunately when the phone goes to sleep the timer stops. I need to find a way to keep my timer going even when someone’s phone goes to sleep to trigger another workflow when the timer ends. Is this possible?

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What I did was create a data field for a date, then when a button was pressed it set that data field to “current date +300 seconds”. You can then create a workflow on the page to “Do every X seconds”, in the “Only When” field put in “When Current Date > the date data field you created” .

This will make it run a check every X seconds and trigger the workflow only when that date has been reached which creates a countdown timer that runs when the app is closed or asleep.

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Hey have you found a way ?

I am also facing the same problem of sleep, I have tried the above said things for my device but it didnt helped me.

backend workflows? like described in the second post. set a certain time when a workflow should be executed and it will be done even if the user is not logged in and on the page.