Timer doesn't work when logged out

So I am building an app on bubble, and I have a problem. I made a countdown timer that changes data once the countdown ends. But, it only works when I am logged in, and actually on the current screen. If I am logged out it won’t work, if I leave the tab open and open another tab it also don’t work. It literally do what I want right before my eyes, but I need things to change when I am logged out. Isn’t bubble on the cloud? I thought if something is set to change every 2 minutes that it would do so whether logged in, or out or if I’m simply browsing elsewhere. Please advise.

Do you have the timer linked to Bubble’s internal function “Current date/time”. That way, the timer shouldn’t change when logged out because the timer is referencing the live current time. I’m not sure how you have it set up, if you like you can send through a link to your editor and I will check it out for you. Here is a Countdown Timer built by AirDev. You can just copy paste from their editor:

Right. Workflow actions happening in your page are executed client side – that is, in the browser. They can only execute during an active session (as you describe very well).

So what do we do? Bubble also supports server side workflows. Bubble calls these “API Workflows”. To execute some workflow at a specified time, you:

  1. Build that “API Workflow” (server-side workflow) on the API Workflows page in your app.
  2. Use the action “Schedule API Workflow”.

API Workflows are not available on the free plan, BTW. Some of the documentation on API Workflows:


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