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How can I use an icon to add or remove something to a list within groups?

I am creating an application where users are able to follow and unfollow certain classes in order to see posts within these classes (kind of like twitter). I want a list to be displayed which shows which classes a user follows in a repeating group with the name of the class followed by an ‘X’ icon. How can I connect the icon in any cell that was pressed to remove the corresponding class in the same cell from a users “following” list? Sorry I’m still very new to this.

You will need a workflow when the icon is clicked.

Assuming you have a list of “Classes” on your User, then the action will be to “Make Changes to User”.

You will then “Remove” the “Current Cell’s Class” from the user’s list.

A bit like this.

The “Current Cell” is the cell in the Repeating Group that the Icon click was in.

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Edit: [didn’t see Nigel’s post before!]

Hey @greydon.ginter :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum!

If you have a list of classes on the User (such as ‘ClassesList’), You can place an icon in the cell, and then use the workflow:

Data --> Make Changes to a Thing: Thing to Change: Current User -->
ClassesList remove Current cell’s Class.