How can I use time to be saved for later

OK, I’m trying to create a form to keep track of times. I was wanting to place a button and when pressed to set an input box with the current time. I can’t seem to get this work. I tried using a Date Time Picker but I don’t know how to save this data so It can be viewed later. Can anyone help me understand how to do this better. I would like to save this data and be able to email it to someone but that might be pushing my luck. Thanks

use the current date/time feature

in addition to @boston85719’s answer, and because every “thing” you save has a date/time added automatically, you could simply use the “Created date” field. This however depends on what type of data you want to save - the servers date / time (use this method) or the users date / time (use @boston85719’s method).

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