How can you configure two floating groups?

Hey guys,

I have a mobile web messaging app and I’m having trouble with the location of the actual “send message” element. I’ve configured different mobile screens to be responsive but depending on the screen height, you’d have to scroll down a bit to the “send message” element.

Is there a way to add this as a floating group on top of the floating group that I already have? I tried this a bit earlier briefly but I was having trouble having the logic route to sending messages in the right chat. Any advice or guidance would be great. Screenshots are below.


Have you tried using set states?

What would that look like?

The forum has many examples of set state tutorials, you can try this one to give you an idea:

Basically a set state is a temporary piece of data that you can set to anything you want. It can be the message, the user, or anything else you may need to put somewhere that doesn’t need to be saved to the database yet. Does that make sense?

I’ve used set states for changing icon colors of the menu at the bottom, but not sure how it would apply for messaging. I would need it to be saved to the database. I guess I’m not following here.

It depends how you have it set up currently, what does your process look like now?

My workflow for the “send message” button is below:

My biggest question is how can I add this to a separate floating group and fix it atop the “menu” floating group that I have for the application.

I think I misunderstood you before. Now I think I understand. How does your element in the editor look? Is It right on top of the other one?

You can also put them both in the same element and just show the one when you need to

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I think that worked, thank you!

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