How to Retrieve Scheduled API Workflow ID?

Hi Bubblers,

I have an issue regarding scheduled API workflow.

In my architecture, I scheduled an API workflow in two weeks.

But there is a possibility that I want to cancel this scheduled workflow at one point.

So when I schedule the workflow, I want to save the workflow ID in case in need to cancel it later but…My question is how do I retrieve the workflow ID ?

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When you say retrieve… You’ll get the workflow ID when you schedule a workflow. I have a similar case where subscribers… Sign up… If after 7 days they do not subscribe then their trial is ended via scheduled workflow. If they choose to sign up during the seven-day period then the workflow ID I created and saved during their account creation is used to subsequently cancelled a scheduled workflow event. Not quite following what you mean by retrieve… This is saved to a thing

Thanks for your help.

Following your points,The issue for me then is to save the workflow ID in order to reuse it later in case I want to cancel it. How did you that?

Do a simple test… Schedule workflow and then check your logs… You should see the scheduled workflow and its ID.

From your screenshot it looks like you have the transferID field typeset to number… This won’t work. Although scheduled workflow Id is a number you’ll need to set it as text… Unless I’m missing something but that’s what I’ve always done and it seems to work

Okay…but the field stays empty, it seems the ID of the workflow is empty :frowning:

Two potential solutions:

For your field transferID, is it a text field or is it a number field?

If it is set up as a text field, it should work appropriately. You do not need anything following the Result of step 5 (Schedule API Workflow) reference.

As well, are you working within a Hobby Plan or Personal (or higher) plan? It appears Bubble restricts use of Scheduled API workflows (in addition to Recurring workflows) on Hobby plans. (Honestly, I don’t remember that being the case and have some reservations about that), but perhaps I’ve overlooked this while working mostly in paid plans).

The callout message is incredibly subtle and doesn’t produce an issue to resolve (which is to be expected), so it’s easy to overlook and think that the workflow is actually running.