How could I track inputs in a SearchBox?


My searchbox on my homepage is dynamic, and users click on results provided by the autocomplete.

I have no clue at what they type (as they don’t hit “enter”, due to the autocomplete), could I store that in my database, or could I track this on my google analytics?
If so, could you point me in a direction?


What I use is the Search and Autocomplete feature (it’s free). This allows users to have autocomplete and correct results similar to Google.

As for the data, create a data type for searches and have information setup such as the text, category, etc. (like eBay)

Here is mine: I created alot test items so that you will see alot of duplicates

Mmmh, looks interesting, thanks! Could you show me the workflow where you store what they type in the searchbox?

But to be clear, my search box is already up and running fine, no problem here, it’s really about tracking their inputs :wink:

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