How do i create a timer that prohibits use of certain parts of the website if the timer has run out?

(Bit of a backstory, Im making a website for my discord server which is based off of a medieval era, basiclly people in the discord act as towns folk and can do jobs to create more money. Which in turns raises them in the social ladder. I want to add a timer for doing these actions like crime or doing your job.)

How do I create a timer for a person lets say they do somthing like a timer that works per user, that continues to count even while the user is completly offline. This would be great for other websites that have a free trial of an online only service.

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Hi @lucasstyles123 ,

There are many ways to go here. Just to get a basic thing right: are you saying timer like you want a running timer to measure how much of it a user is spending on a certain task, or do you mean more of a time limit, i.e. the task has to be completed before April 14th 2019 23:59:59?

In both cases, it seems to me that the basic component you would need is a timestamp at the start of the task. You don’t really need any “running timer” as long as you can record a start and end time. If, for example, you want to notify a user after two days (even if the user isn’t online), that the time is running out or has reached a certain point, you can do that by scheduling an API workflow at Current Date/Time + whatever time you want to pass in between.

That’s a very general answer, but feel free to give some more detail and I can explain more in-depth.

Nah. Like i want a timer that has like a time limit. So like if he does one thing now he gotta wait 4 hours to do it again

There are many ways to do this. The problem is that you are not being specific as how you have your app designed.

But @petter already gave you the solution.

If T is a task that user X can’t do again for 4 hours keep a log of when was the last time Task T was done by user X and compare it with current time. Set a condition check in the workflow action that checks current time against last time task was done and if it’s less than 4 hours don’t let him do it.


How would i do this in leymans terms?

When the user does it the first time, you save a timestamp (on the user, or somewhere else). The next time the user wants to do whatever it is you want him to do, you check that timestamp against the Current Date/time, and if it’s more than for hours ago, he’s allowed to complete it.

You can do it in Conditions or a Workflow, but as @JonL mentioned, it’s hard to give you a detailed answer when your question is so vague.

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It’s also worth mentioning that we are not talking gibberish here. It’s plain Bubble. This implementation(in any of its variants) is pretty simple in Bubble so maybe you are lacking foundational concepts?

Have you gone through all the learning materials?


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